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In 2011, SFPC unveiled Shelby Farms Greenline and the Wolf River Bridge, empowering visitors to reach Shelby Farms Park without a car. 

Years later, the Greenline has spurred many great things in addition to pedestrian and bike access to Shelby Farms Park. The Greenline has provided a safe, separated trail for kids to learn how to ride bikes, created a natural space for interacting with neighbors, been a surface for countless hours of training and created a wildlife corridor through the city.

The ACCESS Project

With so many great things happening on this 6.5-mile trail, SFPC set out to make sure as many people could reap the benefits as possible. 

SFPC and local Landscape Architect firm, Ritchie Smith Associates (RSA), partnered to find opportunities to connect more people to the Park and Greenline then develop designs to make these plans a reality. This year-long planning project was funded by a Mid-South Regional Greenprint subplanning grant that Shelby County Office of Sustainability awarded SFPC in 2013. 

The project was deemed Adjacent Community Connections to Enhance Shelby Farms Park + Shelby Farms Greenline, or ACCESS for short.

The sites

SFPC chose the sites based on the greatest need. Perkins Rd. is located along a 2.5-mile stretch of Greenline that lacks an official access point to the trail; Appling Rd. is an opportunity to safely connect our Northern neighbors to the Park across Mullins Station Rd.; and access at the Gameday Baseball complex links two local, outdoor amenities currently separated by a fence. 

The PlaNs

The Greenprint grant funded schematic designs and advanced design drawings. It did not cover the cost of construction, but we're working on that! Click the links below to track the status of each project. You can view design drawings, photos and updates on each project site. 

Perkins Road ACCESS

Appling Road ACCESS

Gameday Baseball ACCESS

Find your place in the Park.

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