Economic Impact

Shelby Farms Park: A Great Investment for Memphis' Future

Over the last year, we've made measuring the Park's impact on the Mid-South a top priority. We can now assess the Park’s current and future economic benefit to the community through a recently commissioned Economic Impact and Significance Report (EISR) prepared by Younger Associates. 

While our recent Park User Surveys tell us what the community treasures about Shelby Farms Park, the EIS reveals what a treasure Shelby Farms Park is to the community. 

Highlights from the Economic Impact Study

Not only is Shelby Farms Park one of the LARGEST FREE, PUBLIC RESOURCES in Shelby County, it also pays dividends back to the community by adding $6 million to the Memphis economy every year! 

The Heart of the Park enhancements currently underway are adding exciting new opportunities to Shelby County and the region. The HEART OF THE PARK PROJECT WILL DOUBLE THE PARK'S ANNUAL IMPACT. Construction will have a one-time impact totaling $141 million and will raise Shelby Farms Park's annual economic impact to $13.6 million.

The economic benefits of the Park add up to much more than just money spent in our local economy. The Park enhances the surrounding neighborhoods, provides visitors free access to healthy recreation and exercise, is a hub for environmental learning, and cleanses toxins from our environment. Below is a summary of economic significant measures that should be considered in addition to the $6 million contributed to the economy each year. 

Additional economic BENEFIts:

  $31 million | value added to properties within 500 feet of the Shelby Farms Greenline since 2010

  $2.8 million | saved on health bills for those using the Park for exercise

  $7.3 million | value of amenities, camps + programs for free public use year-round

  $13 million | of community support shown through volunteers and our friends in the community

  $1.7 million |  in air, water and environmental benefits from the Park's trees 


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