Master Plan

Master Plan + Vision for Shelby Farms Park 

One Park | One Million Trees | 12 Landscapes

The three ideas above form one concept guiding the improvements and understanding of this large, 4,500 acre space that makes up Shelby Farms Park. 'One Park, One Million Trees, 12 Landscapes' embodies the idea that Shelby Farms Park will become a unified space that is biodiverse and ecologically sound while, at the same time, home to the endless and ever-changing interests and activities of our community. 

Today, the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, supported by a broad cross-section of business, civic, and political leaders, is transforming this park in the center of Shelby County (Memphis), Tennessee, into America’s great 21st century park. 

These changes are all part of a plan laid out by the community and designed by James Corner Field Operations. See how the dreams and vision for Shelby Farms Park got put onto paper and set into action, below.


2007  SFPC announces design competition to develop a Master Plan for the park.

  James Corner Field Operations (JCFO) wins the bid to prepare SFPC's Master Plan.
          An intensive public outreach and input process begins to insure the Park's future reflects the ideas of the citizens it belongs to.

2008  Shelby County Board of Commissioners approves the Master Plan and fundraising begins.

2010  SFPC completes the first two projects of the Master Plan: the Shelby Farms Greenline + Wolf River Bridge. These two demonstration projects show the quality projects SFPC can           deliver and open as the first bike/ped connections to the Park.

2011  Woodland Discovery Playground opens to the public. This is the third and final demonstration project, preparing SFPC and the public for the remaining Phase One renovations.

2014  Construction begins on Heart of the Park, the largest capital improvement of Phase One of the Master Plan. 

2015  Fundraising for Phase One is complete! 
          First round of Wayfinding signs are installed, the final project in Phase One to begin.

2016  Heart of the Park will open to the public.

The Master Plan states that Shelby Farms Park will be a defining park of the 21st century—a model for design and sustainable management practices for the region and around the world. JCFO’s concept for the Park (below) honors its unique character and plans additions and improvements that will protect and enhance its natural resources while allowing the Park to reach its potential as the next great 21st century park. 

SFPC Master Plan Executive Summary, 2008

This multi-faceted vision is now unfolding through an ambitious plan that will create a park with the power to transform the character of a community, raise expectations for the public realm, and become the axis for benefits that ripple outward and affect the health, economy, human capital, and environmental ethos for Memphis, Shelby County, and the region.

For more information about the Shelby Farm Park Master Plan or Capital Campaign, contact: 

Jen Andrews | Director of Development + Communications | 901.767.7275x308 

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