One Million Trees


The One Million Trees Initiative 

To plant a tree is to make a direct investment in your community and your future. Cultivating and maintaining a healthy urban forest is a cost-effective way to mitigate some of the environmental and aesthetic impacts of a growing metropolis. The results are healthier people in healthier neighborhoods.

At Shelby Farms Park we are planting one million trees, writing one million new stories. Your donation helps offset the cost of each tree and ensures the longevity of our forests by assisting with ongoing care and upkeep. Each contribution is a gift – a story told to future generations. One Million Trees donation levels start at $50.


Most of us perform activities through the day that consume energy and contribute to air pollution. Donations to the One Million Trees program will purchase and plant trees, as well as nurture them over the years – helping to offset your carbon footprint. We do the work for you and you can breathe a little easier as a result.


Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, holidays and just saying thanks are all great opportunities to plant trees in honor of friends, colleagues and family members. Not only will they receive a gift from us acknowledging your donation in their honor, they will also feel like they are connected to one of the greatest parks of the 21st century and part of a movement to transform Memphis into a world-class city. It is our desire that your gift will encourage others to participate in our One Million Trees program as well.


Trees are gifts that last many lifetimes. A white oak may grow more than one hundred feet tall and live several hundred years. Even after trees fall, they contribute to forest ecosystems by providing food, habitat and soil nutrients. There is no better way to remember a loved one than to plant this legacy gift in their name.


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