Perkins Road

Proposed Location
Existing Greenline, view on Google maps here.

Avon Neighborhood is pursuing funding for construction. Details below


  • Connects 1,000 households to Shelby Farms Greenline
  • Future bike lane planned for Perkins Rd. will connect businesses and residents along and across Summer Ave. to the Greenline
  • Remedies current erosion occurring from foot traffic down a steep slope
  • ADA accessible

Click the link below to view photos and a presentation of the Perkins Rd. Access 

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The Perkins Project

Invest in where you live. Donate today.

SFPC is teaming up with the Avon neighborhood to build a connection to the Shelby Farms Greenline that is safe and accessible for all. 

Shelby Farms Park staff, neighbors and community organizers, as well as Landscape Architects and designers, have dedicated hours and hours of time over the years to make this project a reality. The community has been working for this connection since 2010, before the Shelby Farms Greenline was even paved. Now, finally, the plans are in place. 

Pictured Above: Design Drawings for Access at Perkins Rd. The proposed trail is colored in beige, starting at Princeton Rd. and running parallel to Perkins Rd. There will be both stairs and an ADA-accessible ramp to connect pedestrians to the Shelby Farm Greenline.

Why here?

Currently, this access point lies in the middle of a 2.5-mile stretch of trail that has no official access to the Greenline. This is because the only access points to date are at at-grade intersections. Access at Perkins Road would connect 1,000 households to the Park + Greenline. 

This is also the only access point of the three designed with the Greenprint grant that lies on the existing Greenline trail., which means that, once the funds are in place, we can begin construction. 

Be a part of the perkins project

Perkins Rd. Access will be the first of its kind: a custom trail linking neighbors to their backyard amenity.

This is an historic opportunity to help build one of the first projects from the Mid South Regional Greenprint Plan and contribute to livable communities in Memphis.

Since 2010, the Greenline has increased the property values of homes adjacent to the Greenline by $31M. The Perkins Access Project needs donations to become a reality and, once built, will instantly start giving back. This project will encourage healthy lifestyles and a greener environment. It will connect people to trails and to their community. It will provide safe outdoor recreation and a more livable Memphis.Together, we are creating a healthier, more connected Memphis.

Want to help?

You can donate to the project and your dollar counts double! Donate through the IOBY (In Our BackYard) platforrm and an anonymous donor will match your gift dollar for dollar up to $2,500.

Want to know more?

Like the Facebook Page, The Perkins Project, to receive live updates on the project.


Kevin Raney, Avon Neighborhood,

  Betsy Peterson, SFPC,

If you would like to make a contribution by phone or mail, please contact Caleb Tinkle at 901-222-7248 or Be sure to ask about matching gifts and pledges too!

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