The Grove

The Grove

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy's annual giving circle allows us to do the work today that makes the Park's bright future possible. In 2012, The Grove was founded, and in the first two years, its Founding Members were able to raise more than $400,000. These funds are used to keep the Park clean, green and safe for every Park user. When you give, we grow. Contributions from The Grove are used for annual Park operations such as landscaping, wildlife conservation, clean-up projects, tree plantings, trail maintenance and so much more. If you love the Park, consider a gift to The Grove today.

The Founders Grove | Those who gave during the first two fiscal years are permanently recognized here as Founding Members of The Grove. Their support was integral in the success of Shelby Farms Park and the Shelby Farms Greenline. 

The Grove | Each year, new Grove Members are recognized here on this site, in the Visitors Center lobby and on the SFPC annual report. Want to join our growing group of supporters? Sign up to become a member below.

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