Woodland Discovery Playground

Can a playground really change the world?

We think so. We knew that when we set out to create the next great urban park of the 21st century, we had to have a playground. And not just a playground. It had to be bold, it had to be innovative and above all, it had to be really fun.

Inspired by how Memphis children told us they wanted to play, and invigorated by our community's ambition to do something truly different, James Corner Field Operations delivered a play landscape that is as much a work of art as it is a game-changing amenity. As one of the first projects in the world to be certified by the Sustainable Sites Initiative, our playground sets a new international standard for natural, educational and environmental play.

The Woodland Discovery Playground is open daily, from 9am to one hour before sunset. You can find today's sunset time on our home page.

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Playground Stats

Designed by

James Corner Field Operations + local children

Made Possible by

A lead gift from the Plough Foundation


Six play "nests," a winding steel arbor planted with flowering vines + willow trees, innovative play structures, an open grassy lawn, giant net + tree house climbing structure, ADA play elements, features for every age and ability level + more! Located near a restroom.

The Best Part

As your children grow, so will the vines and trees of the arbor. It's organic architecture!

Find your place in the Park.

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